Location and Venue


The Summer School will take place in Linköping University. The Introductory course is to held at C-Hus and Main courses at A-Hus. Following rooms have been booked for the summer school.

Introductory Course- Room P36 [C-Hus]
Main course- Basic Track- Room A303 [A-Hus]
Main course- Advanced Track- Room AG31 [A-Hus]

Direction: Introductory Course

Participants from the Introductory course can enter C-Hus from either Entrance 20 (Ingång 20) or Entrance 16(Ingång 16) to meet up at Colosseum during the registration period.


Direction: Main course

To reach for the Main course rooms, enter the building either from Entrance 19 or 19C. Take the staircase upwards for plan 3 and follow the location as shown in the map below.


How to Arrive in Linköping

It is quite easy to travel to Linköping and there are several ways (http://www.visitlinkoping.se/en/travel).

From Stockholm (All Major Companies Operate here)

You can fly to the Arlanda Airport (http://www.swedavia.com/arlanda/);

The more comfortable way to go from Arlanda Airport to Linköping is to travel by train and enjoy the beautiful swedish landscape. There is a train station inside Arlanda’s airport so you do not even need to leave the airport to board the the train. The site of the swedish railways is  http://www.sj.se/;

Once you get to Linköpings Centralstation you can take a taxi or take a bus in Linköpings Resecentrum. You can find more information about the ticket and public transportation in https://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/.

Fly  directly to Linköping

Linköping has an international airport, Linköping City Airport (http://www.linkopingcityairport.se/en/), with everyday flights from and to Amsterdam and Copenhagen, with KLM and SAS, respectively. The easiest way to go from the Linköping Airport to the city centre is by taxi.

From copenhagen

Another option can be to fly to Copenhagen (https://www.cph.dk/en/) and to take a train from Copenhagen Airport to Linköpings Centralstation.

Already in Linköping

While you are in Linköping the best way to move around is by bus. The city has an extensive bus network (https://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/globalassets/media/filer/kartor/tatort/2015/ot_linkoping_locked_151007.pdf).

To get to the University (http://www.liu.se/om-liu/till-liu/kartor/campus-valla/1.644235/LiU_Valla_150812.pdf) there are some lines 2, 4, 12 and 20 (https://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/print4web/Samlingstabell/151213_160619/Samlingstabell_202-204-212-220_151213_160619.pdf).

You can buy a travel card in the sales agents (https://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/Priser–biljetter/Kopa-biljett/Forsaljningsombud/Linkoping/) and then load it. It is also possible to buy a season ticket, with a chosen period of time and area.

Or, if you prefer, you can rent a bicycle and enjoy the swedish lifestyle!